Wooky Workshop

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Outpost founded in 2490, abandoned in 2693. A workshop built near to a vortex leading to the depths of the Prime Roots. It was the first to be established in Verdant Heights. Its name refers to the beginning of a period of intense activity for the Matis people: setting up outposts, fighting kitins, and establishing new trade routes.

Type: ⚗ Workshop
Controlled by: ⬖ La Lune Eternelle
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Possession: ⏱ 2 years 110 days 2 hours 31 minutes
Region: ✰ Knoll of Dissent
Continent: ⏧ Verdant Heights
Produced material: ℘ Purified Armilo Lichen
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Known incidents


This is a list of all known incidents between guilds placed on selected location. Date and time of each incident represents when the message about the event was delivered from the AFC office.

Date and time Attacker Defender Result of the incident
⏰ 2022-03-29, 14:58:38 ⛊ La Lune Eternelle ⛉ The Conclave ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-12-30, 21:22:15 ⛊ The Conclave ⛉ Les Canonniers ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2018-12-23, 20:41:17 ⛊ Les Canonniers ⛉ La Lune Eternelle ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.