Graveyard Gate Research Center

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Outpost founded in 2489, abandoned 2493. When a prospector discovered strange bones near this outpost, scholars from the Federation examined them but were unable to identify their origins. A research center was set up despite protests from the Beachcombers, who weren't too keen on seeing hordes of drills invade the area around Graveyard Walk. This area was sacred to them, being considered a ritual path toward the tribe's burial ground.

Type: ⚛ Research Center
Controlled by: ⬖ La Tribu Talodi
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Possession: ⏱ 2 years 88 days 6 hours 36 minutes
Region: ✰ Enchanted Isle
Continent: ⏧ Aeden Aqueous
Produced material: ℘ Purified Armilo Lichen
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Known incidents


This is a list of all known incidents between guilds placed on selected location. Date and time of each incident represents when the message about the event was delivered from the AFC office.

Date and time Attacker Defender Result of the incident
⏰ 2022-03-29, 14:58:38 ⛊ La Tribu Talodi ⛉ Spiritus Artificis ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-10-14, 21:17:48 ⛊ Spiritus Artificis ⛉ Kamigawa ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-06-18, 19:46:20 ⛊ Kamigawa ⛉ Keepers of Darkness ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-02-13, 21:01:14 ⛊ Keepers of Darkness ⛉ Hueter des Drachen ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.