Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop

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Outpost founded in 2492, abandoned in 2494. This outpost was established to the north-east of the ruins of Zo-Kian, originally a small village founded by Zoraï hunters. These hunters trailed gibbaïs, who at the time were numerous in that part of the jungle, laughing off their people's superstition that to kill those animals which were so similar to homins brought bad luck. One night the village was attacked by hordes of unknown creatures and completely destroyed. A few years later explorers discovered the existence of superior gibbaïs in the region. Many think that they were responsible for the end of Zo-Kian and that they must have been reacting to the hunters' attacks.

Type: ⚗ Workshop
Controlled by: ⬖ Les Senseis Atysiens
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Possession: ⏱ 3 years 56 days 22 hours 10 minutes
Region: ✰ Void
Continent: ⏧ Witherings
Produced material: ∰ Purified Cheng Root
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Known incidents


This is a list of all known incidents between guilds placed on selected location. Date and time of each incident represents when the message about the event was delivered from the AFC office.

Date and time Attacker Defender Result of the incident
⏰ 2021-05-21, 19:21:16 ⛊ Les Senseis Atysiens ⛉ Obscurus Lilium ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-09-16, 19:31:33 ⛊ Obscurus Lilium ⛉ Le Clan des Forces Obscures ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2019-02-11, 19:37:21 ⛊ Le Clan des Forces Obscures ⛉ Obscurus Lilium ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2018-06-20, 11:11:19 ⛊ Obscurus Lilium ⛉ Phaedreas Tears ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.
⏰ 2018-06-13, 20:22:20 ⛊ Phaedreas Tears ⛉ ShadoWalkers ⚔ Attacker took control over the location.