Great Outback Workshop

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Outpost founded in 2491, abandoned in 2494. The outpost's activity was developed in the desert region of the Knot of Dementia by Cardarus Vekian, a Fyros gunsmith. The absence of excessive vegetation enabled the artisan to use his people's manufacturing techniques, which are based on the use of fire, without the risk of starting a blaze. Though wary at first, the traders of Zora ended up taking and interest in the Fyros' work. Vekian became a renowned craftsman throughout the Witherings and many Zorai warriors were proud to bear weapons from his forge.

Type: ⚗ Workshop
Controlled by: ⬖ fluffy bunnies
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Possession: ⏱ Unknown
Region: ✰ Knot of Dementia
Continent: ⏧ Witherings
Produced material: ⎚ Purified Rubbarn Gum
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