Burning Desert

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The Burning Desert is a wind plagued wilderness, which is avoided by the most except the Fyros, who successfully rebuild their nation there. They have outpost in the south-eastern and north-western corners of the continent, but undoubtedly the most remarkable place is their capital Pyr in the Imperial Dunes, build as a stronghold. Even though various dangers are lurking nearly everywhere and peaceful oasis are rare, yet, the bravest Homins venturing into this hostile outback will be rewarded with the diversity of splendid and valuable resources, for instance the exotic woods of the desert.

Type: ⟰ Continent
Regions: 🌍 8 regions
Locations: 🌍 -
Known homins: ☺ 279 persons
Known guilds: ⛉ 72 Guild Halls
Outposts: ⚑ 7 active
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