Verdant Heights

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The Verdant Heights are a forested area on Atys. They are an ideal and airy place for retreat and a continuous reminder on the dominance of nature. The majestic trees reach whopping heights and provide shelter for hundreds of Homins. Their huge roots created crevices in the ground, going deep inside into Atys. The forest is the preferred region of the Matis, who build their majestic capital and further villages into the region of Majestic Garden. There is an abundance of raw materials; most notably the various types of leaves.

Type: ⟰ Continent
Regions: 🌍 7 regions
Locations: 🌍 -
Known homins: ☺ 377 persons
Known guilds: ⛉ 78 Guild Halls
Outposts: ⚑ 7 active
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