Liberty Lake

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The region Liberty Lake consists of a myriad of lakes and lagoons situated on the continent of Aeden Aqueous. This was the first lake district the Trykers came upon after two years of underground confinement in the Prime Roots. The name was given by Tryker sages not only to reflect the general sensation of new liberation, but also as a constant reminder to all those who would dare harbor thoughts that would infringe on the Tryker fundamental values of freedom for all and all for freedom. Superstitious Trykers believe to this day that the mere evocation of the name in the mouth of a potential aggressor would distance any intention of suppression. Being the first area of the Lake Lands to be explored by Trykers, Liberty Lake is consequently the safest of the continent where the young Tryker novice is able to learn the ropes and get to grips with improving skills. But the region is not devoid of danger and the traveler may come across many potentially lethal wild creatures such as the goari, clopper, yubo, yber and the messab. The only kitin found in the area is the kipee, harmless if unprovoked and providing useful raw materials if hunted. The Stinga plant is the region's only native intelligent plant.

Type: 50 Region
Continent: 🌍 Aeden Aqueous
Locations: 🌍 -
Known homins: ☺ 192 persons
Known guilds: ⛉ 57 Guild Halls
Outposts: ⚑ 1 active
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