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Atys is a living planet that is growing all the time. It is composed of multiple layers: the crust being the ground level, and beneath that are the twisting passages of the Prime Roots that stretch below the surface, and below that are the core levels. Above the surface is a network of huge branches, the canopy that extends towards the sky gradually forming another layer that will eventually become the new surface of Atys. The lands that are explored by homins are only a small portion of the surface of Atys, and a small portion of the Upper Prime Roots. No homin has ever set foot in the deeper levels of the Prime Roots, in the Core, or on the Canopies. Nevertheless the known regions of the world have widely varying ecosystems already.

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Known homins

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Name Allegiance Located Required rite Karavan fame Kami fame Fyros fame Matis fame Tryker fame Zorai fame Tribe fame
☒ Xarius Zessen ✫ Zoraï ⏧ Zora   - - - - - - - -
☒ Xarus Tindix ⛉ Fraiders ⏧ Fraiders campsite at Scorched Corridor   - - - - - - - -
☒ Xymus Tindix ♦ Fyros ⏧ Pyr   - - - - - - - -
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