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Includes all the Homins with a desire to free hominkind from the Kitin-threat. The guild of the Rangers of Atys, created after the First Great Swarm, is driven by an ideal of brotherhood. The Rangers believe that Homins should live in peace, without division; therefore, they forbid themselves to take part in the quarrels between Homins, and refuse to lay a hand to them, except in case of self-defense. In addition to patrolling endlessly on Atys, the Rangers also hold strategical bases on Silan and in the Almati Wood. The Silan Camp, managed by Chiang, welcomes Refugees that arrive to the New Lands. The camp in the Almati Wood, managed by the Guide Ranger Orphie Dradius, is used as a logistical center, and surveys the nearby Kitin's Lair. During the Second Great Swarm, the Rangers helped save Hominity. Their battle plans allowed a safe rescue of the population by convincing the Kamis, the Karavan, the Nations and the Trytonists to collaborate. While doing everything possible to avoid a third Great Swarm, the Rangers keep close watch on the Kitins, eliminate the overly curious scouts, and develop new fighting techniques and discretionary tactics.

Known homins: ☺ 42 persons
Known guilds: ⛉ 33 Guild Halls
Activity: ⚑ 13 locations
Races: ⚑ Fyros
⚑ Matis
⚑ Tryker
⚑ Zoraï