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Woven Bridles

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The Woven Bridles are an aggressively expansionist tribe of Fyros who settled in the desert of Hidden Source, within the border of the Matis kingdom. Unlike the more peaceful Fyros of the Oasis Diggers who live in the same region, the Woven Bridles seek to conquer the Hidden Source for the Fyros, and they are at constant war with both the Matis nation itself and it's allies in the region, the tribe of The Arid Matis. They are also hostile to most visitors, attacking anyone who enters their camp except other Fyros. Like the Fyros at home, the Woven Bridles follow the Kami.

Chief: Titis Pelorus
Cult: ⛉ Kami
Known homins: ☺ 9 persons
Activity: ⚑ 1 location
Races: ⚑ Fyros

Default fame


This table shows default fame to main Atys races.

Fyros: ♦ -16
Matis: ♣ -83
Tryker: ⚚ -66
Zoraï: ✫ -66

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Fame limits


This is the table of fame limits by allegiance - minimal and maximal. Minimal possible fame for tribes is same in all cases, but minimum to High Powers and Civilizations tells you when fame might cause faction services restrictions or loss of your allegiance. While Trytonists are mostly secret society and their members are hiding across all organizations around the planet, please use the column that corresponds to your official allegiance.

Allegiance Kami Karavan Marauder Neutral Ranger       Allegiance Kami Karavan Marauder Neutral Ranger
Neutral -100 -100 -100 -100 -100       Neutral +100 +50 +50 +50 +50
Fyros -100 -100 - -100 -       Fyros +80 +50 - +50 -
Matis -100 -100 - -100 -       Matis -50 -50 - -50 -
Tryker -100 -100 - -100 -       Tryker -50 -50 - -50 -
Zoraï -100 -100 - -100 -       Zoraï -50 -50 - -50 -
Minimal fame limits       Maximal fame limits