La Tribu Talodi

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Trykers libres et indépendant !

Form: Guild
Guild leader: ✩ Chenli
Languages: fr French
Members: ⛹ 11 persons
    Tryker race or citizens
Policy: N Normal guild
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Civilization: ⚑ Tryker
Religion: ⛨ None or Neutral religion
PvP: ❓ Optional
Role-play: ❓ Optional
Re-established: ⏰ 2012-03-17, 07:12:58
Located: Fa Fairhaven, Liberty Lake
Controlled Outposts: ⚐ 2 outposts
Activities: 857 activities
Last activity: 2023-05-26, 11:32:55
Last API sync: 2022-03-30, 22:06:05
Updated: 2016-11-21, 19:11:51
Author: Moniq
La Tribu Talodi is currently lead by noble Chenli. The guild has 8 officials on position of High Officer ‒ Ashgan, Dweelan, Eloan, Erato, Kurutani, Mallo, Shally, Valgar. It is known that guilds of Amazones des Songes, Armurerie Talodi, Selleend May Talodi are under their control. La Tribu Talodi currently holds 2 outposts and produces Purified Armilo Lichen quality 200 at Graveyard Gate Research Center in Enchanted Isle and Purified Egiros Pollen quality 250 at Whirling Stronghold in Lagoons of Loria.
✩ High Officer Ashgan, Dweelan, Eloan, Erato, Kurutani, Mallo, Shally, Valgar