Phaedreas Tears: Official {Form} documents

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We are here to fight the Kitin and to aid all homins on Atys

PT is a totally neutral, non-PvP, roleplay supportive (but not required) guild.

We offer assistance to any who ask it, but we assist, we do not lift up those who will not work to lift themselves. If you would join us be prepared to work hard to advance yourself.

We are not a Ranger Guild, although many of our members strive to become Rangers.

About the {GForm}


Phaedreas Tears was founded in October, 2004.

We are a true neutral in form as well as action. We do not embrace any Nation nor any Power. Some of our members seek to become Rangers, but that is not required.

What we require: First: Have fun! Enjoy Atys! Help each other in achieving this goal. Second: Help anyone who needs it. That is our purpose. Third: Do not engage in PvP with anyone, not even in duels. This is our remembrance of Tyneetryk. Fourth: Kill kitins.

{GForm} history


Phaedreas Tears was founded in October, 2004. It was initially aligned as a Matis, Karavan, Guild for the purpose of guildhall space and teleports. However, it has always been willing to aid ALL homins in need.

The official alignment of PT was changed following the server crash that divided the ownership by GameForge (*spit*) and Winchgate. The neutral and anti-PvP stance of he guild were set by Tyneetryk, and after her departure for the Summerlands, by Ferishan and Bitttymacod.

We have had a long history of helping new people both on an individual basis and through projects. Currently Moniq is maintaining Rygreg -- where you are reading this information.

So in the end of 2017 we have reached our 13th anniversary and we continue on.