Obscurus Lilium

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Form: Guild
Guild leader: ✩ Ajnaja
Languages: de German
en English
Members: ⛹ 7 persons
    Any homin or homina
Policy: N Normal guild
Faction: ⚵ Kami
Civilization: ⚑ Zoraï
Religion: ⚵ Laws of Ma-Duk
PvP: ❓ Optional
Role-play: ❓ Optional
Re-established: ⏰ 2012-02-16, 19:03:58
Located: Zo Zora, Cities of Intuition
Controlled Outposts: ⚐ 1 outpost
Activities: 141 activities
Last activity: 2022-09-27, 18:58:38
Last API sync: 2022-03-30, 22:06:05
Updated: 2016-12-29, 22:52:37
Author: Moniq
Obscurus Lilium is currently lead by noble Ajnaja. The guild has 3 officials on position of High Officer ‒ Elkera, Risani, Schlehmil and 1 official on position of Officer ‒ Mytrix. Obscurus Lilium currently holds one outpost and produces Purified Maga Creeper quality 50 at Qai-Du Workshop in Cities of Intuition.
✩ High Officer Elkera, Risani, Schlehmil
✩ Officer Mytrix