Brendies Stock and Stuff

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Form: Guild
Guild leader: ✩ Evol
Languages:   ⁇
Members: ⛹ 1 person
    Special requirements
Policy: S Storage guild
Master guild: ⛉ The Fellowship of the Flame
Faction:   ⁇
Civilization:   ⁇
Religion:   ⁇
PvP:   ⁇
Role-play:   ⁇
Re-established: ⏰ 2017-07-20, 15:42:19
Located: Cr Crystabell, Liberty Lake
Activities: 6 activities
Last activity: 2023-01-23, 17:18:34
Last API sync: 2022-03-30, 22:06:05
Updated: 2018-02-22, 02:48:40
Author: Brendie
Brendies Stock and Stuff is currently lead by noble Evol. It is well known that the masters of The Fellowship of the Flame control this guild. Brendies Stock and Stuff guild currently controls no Outposts therefore produces no special materials nor harvests any flowers.