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This section contains information about recent updates of the guild registry.

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Automatic updates against Ryzom API is based on expiration date provided by the API. If the time is over the expiration, system will run an update on next user request. In case of fail, system reschedule next update after next 10 minutes.

Server API state: ☺ Online
Last update: ⓭ 2022-03-30, 22:06:49
Current state: ⏱ Update was rescheduled after 2024-07-16, 17:23:04

Last activity

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Here you can list all guild registry database updates.

Guild Date and time Author Details Policy
⛉ Noragami ⏱ 2018-08-19, 06:53:35 ✩ Leader Chizeta ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 06:43:49 ✩ Leader Heernis ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Echoes ⏱ 2018-08-19, 06:36:12 ✩ Leader Northstar ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 06:15:16 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
⛉ ShadoWalkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 05:35:22 ✩ Leader Jellona ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 05:24:58 ❓ Unidentified member ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 05:16:21 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
⛉ Echoes ⏱ 2018-08-19, 04:54:35 ✩ Leader Northstar ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 04:50:08 ✩ Leader Heernis ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Monks of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 04:42:54 ❓ Unidentified member ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 04:17:23 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
⛉ Phaedreas Tears ⏱ 2018-08-19, 03:51:49 ✩ High Officer Moniq ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 03:42:11 ✩ Leader Heernis ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 03:18:19 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 03:13:37 ✩ Officer Gidget ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ ShadoWalkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 03:07:48 ❓ Unidentified member ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Monks of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 02:28:30 ❓ Unidentified member ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 02:24:15 ✩ Leader Heernis ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 02:19:25 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
🌍 All guilds of Atys ⏱ 2018-08-19, 01:20:13 ⎆ Update script ✍ All guilds has been automatically updated from Ryzom API.   -
⛉ Rift Walkers ⏱ 2018-08-19, 01:02:05 ❓ Unidentified member ✍ Homin seen on Atys. [i] Normal guild
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